Function ctru_sys::fontCalcGlyphPos

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn fontCalcGlyphPos(
    out: *mut fontGlyphPos_s,
    font: *mut CFNT_s,
    glyphIndex: c_int,
    flags: u32_,
    scaleX: f32,
    scaleY: f32
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Calculates position information for the specified glyph.


  • out - Output structure in which to write the information.
  • font - Pointer to font structure. If NULL, the shared system font is used.
  • glyphIndex - Index of the glyph.
  • flags - Calculation flags (see GLYPH_POS_* flags).
  • scaleX - Scale factor to apply horizontally.
  • scaleY - Scale factor to apply vertically.