pub unsafe extern "C" fn nfcSendTagCommand(
    inbuf: *const c_void,
    insize: usize,
    outbuf: *mut c_void,
    outsize: usize,
    actual_transfer_size: *mut usize,
    microseconds: u64_
) -> Result
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This sends a raw NFC command to the tag. This can only be used when initialized with NFC_OpType_RawNFC, and when the TagState is NFC_TagState_InRange. See also:


  • inbuf - Input buffer.
  • insize - Size of the input buffer.
  • outbuf - Output buffer.
  • outsize - Size of the output buffer.
  • actual_transfer_size - Optional output ptr to write the actual output-size to, can be NULL.
  • microseconds - Timing-related field in microseconds.