Function ctru_sys::udsBind

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn udsBind(
    bindcontext: *mut udsBindContext,
    NetworkNodeID: u16_,
    spectator: bool,
    data_channel: u8_,
    recv_buffer_size: u32_
) -> Result
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Create a bind.


  • bindcontext - The output bind context.
  • NetworkNodeID - This is the NetworkNodeID which this bind can receive data from.
  • spectator - False for a regular bind, true for a spectator.
  • data_channel - This is an arbitrary value to use for data-frame filtering. This bind will only receive data frames which contain a matching data_channel value, which was specified by udsSendTo(). The data_channel must be non-zero.
  • recv_buffer_size - Size of the buffer under sharedmem used for temporarily storing received data-frames which are then loaded by udsPullPacket(). The system requires this to be >=0x5F4. UDS_DEFAULT_RECVBUFSIZE can be used for this.