pub union DebugEventInfo__bindgen_ty_1 {
    pub attach_process: AttachProcessEvent,
    pub attach_thread: AttachThreadEvent,
    pub exit_thread: ExitThreadEvent,
    pub exit_process: ExitProcessEvent,
    pub exception: ExceptionEvent,
    pub scheduler: ScheduleInOutEvent,
    pub syscall: SyscallInOutEvent,
    pub output_string: OutputStringEvent,
    pub map: MapEvent,


§attach_process: AttachProcessEvent

< Process attachment event data.

§attach_thread: AttachThreadEvent

< Thread attachment event data.

§exit_thread: ExitThreadEvent

< Thread exit event data.

§exit_process: ExitProcessEvent

< Process exit event data.

§exception: ExceptionEvent

< Exception event data.

§scheduler: ScheduleInOutEvent

< Schedule in/out event data.

§syscall: SyscallInOutEvent

< Syscall in/out event data.

§output_string: OutputStringEvent

< Output string event data.

§map: MapEvent

< Map event data.

Trait Implementations§


impl Clone for DebugEventInfo__bindgen_ty_1


fn clone(&self) -> DebugEventInfo__bindgen_ty_1

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impl Default for DebugEventInfo__bindgen_ty_1


fn default() -> Self

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impl Copy for DebugEventInfo__bindgen_ty_1

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