pub unsafe extern "C" fn mvdstdGenerateDefaultConfig(
    config: *mut MVDSTD_Config,
    input_width: u32_,
    input_height: u32_,
    output_width: u32_,
    output_height: u32_,
    vaddr_colorconv_indata: *mut u32_,
    vaddr_outdata0: *mut u32_,
    vaddr_outdata1: *mut u32_
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Generates a default MVDSTD configuration.


  • config - Pointer to output the generated config to.
  • input_width - Input width.
  • input_height - Input height.
  • output_width - Output width.
  • output_height - Output height.
  • vaddr_colorconv_indata - Virtual address of the color conversion input data.
  • vaddr_outdata0 - Virtual address of the output data.
  • vaddr_outdata1 - Additional virtual address for output data, only used when the output format type is value 0x00020001.