Function ctru_sys::mvdstdInit

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn mvdstdInit(
    mode: MVDSTD_Mode,
    input_type: MVDSTD_InputFormat,
    output_type: MVDSTD_OutputFormat,
    size: u32_,
    initstruct: *mut MVDSTD_InitStruct
) -> Result
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Initializes MVDSTD.


  • mode - Mode to initialize MVDSTD to.
  • input_type - Type of input to process.
  • output_type - Type of output to produce.
  • size - Size of the work buffer, MVD_DEFAULT_WORKBUF_SIZE can be used for this. Only used when type == MVDMODE_VIDEOPROCESSING.
  • initstruct - Optional MVDSTD_InitStruct, this should be NULL normally.