pub unsafe extern "C" fn syncArbitrateAddressWithTimeout(
    addr: *mut s32,
    type_: ArbitrationType,
    value: s32,
    timeout_ns: s64
) -> Result
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Function used to implement user-mode synchronization primitives (with timeout).


  • addr - Pointer to a signed 32-bit value whose address will be used to identify waiting threads.
  • type - Type of action to be performed by the arbiter (must use ARBITRATION_WAIT_IF_LESS_THAN_TIMEOUT or ARBITRATION_DECREMENT_AND_WAIT_IF_LESS_THAN_TIMEOUT)
  • value - Number of threads to signal if using ARBITRATION_SIGNAL, or the value used for comparison.

This will perform an arbitration based on #type. The comparisons are done between #value and the value at the address #addr.

s32 val=0; // Thread will wait for a signal or wake up after 10000000 nanoseconds because val < 1. syncArbitrateAddressWithTimeout(&val,ARBITRATION_WAIT_IF_LESS_THAN_TIMEOUT,1,10000000LL);

Note: Usage of this function entails an implicit Data Memory Barrier (dmb).