pub unsafe extern "C" fn udsConnectNetwork(
    network: *const udsNetworkStruct,
    passphrase: *const c_void,
    passphrase_size: usize,
    context: *mut udsBindContext,
    recv_NetworkNodeID: u16_,
    connection_type: udsConnectionType,
    data_channel: u8_,
    recv_buffer_size: u32_
) -> Result
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Connect to a network.


  • network - The NetworkStruct, you can use udsScanBeacons() for this.
  • passphrase - Raw input passphrase buffer.
  • passphrase_size - Size of the passphrase buffer.
  • context - Optional output bind context which will be created for this host.
  • recv_NetworkNodeID - This is the NetworkNodeID passed to udsBind() internally.
  • connection_type - Type of connection, see the udsConnectionType enum values.
  • data_channel - This is the data_channel value which will be passed to udsBind() internally.
  • recv_buffer_size - This is the recv_buffer_size value which will be passed to udsBind() internally.