Function ctru_sys::svcRestartDma

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn svcRestartDma(
    dma: Handle,
    dstAddr: u32_,
    srcAddr: u32_,
    size: u32_,
    flags: s8
) -> Result
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Restarts a DMA transfer, using the same configuration as before.


  • state (direction out) - Pointer to output the state of the DMA transfer to.
  • dma - Handle of the DMA channel object.
  • dstAddr - Address in the destination process to write data to.
  • srcAddr - Address in the source to read data from.
  • size - Size of the data to transfer.
  • flags - Restart flags, DMARST_UNLOCK and/or DMARST_RESUME_DEVICE.

Note: The first transfer has to be configured with DMACFG_KEEP_LOCKED.