pub unsafe extern "C" fn APT_GlanceParameter(
    appID: NS_APPID,
    buffer: *mut c_void,
    bufferSize: usize,
    sender: *mut NS_APPID,
    command: *mut APT_Command,
    actualSize: *mut usize,
    parameter: *mut Handle
) -> Result
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Glances at a receieved parameter without removing it from the queue.


  • appID - AppID of the application.
  • buffer - Buffer to receive to.
  • bufferSize - Size of the buffer.
  • sender - Pointer to output the sender’s AppID to.
  • command - Pointer to output the command ID to.
  • actualSize - Pointer to output the actual received data size to.
  • parameter - Pointer to output the parameter handle to.