Function ctru_sys::Y2RU_SetSendingU

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn Y2RU_SetSendingU(
    src_buf: *const c_void,
    image_size: u32_,
    transfer_unit: s16,
    transfer_gap: s16
) -> Result
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Configures the U plane buffer.


  • src_buf - A pointer to the beginning of your Y data buffer.
  • image_size - The total size of the data buffer.
  • transfer_unit - Specifies the size of 1 DMA transfer. Usually set to 1 line. This has to be a divisor of image_size.
  • transfer_gap - Specifies the gap (offset) to be added after each transfer. Can be used to convert images with stride or only a part of it.

transfer_unit+transfer_gap must be less than 32768 (0x8000)

This specifies the U data buffer for the planar input formats (INPUT_YUV42*INDIV*). The actual transfer will only happen after calling Y2RU_StartConversion.