Function ctru_sys::svcControlMemory

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn svcControlMemory(
    addr_out: *mut u32_,
    addr0: u32_,
    addr1: u32_,
    size: u32_,
    op: MemOp,
    perm: MemPerm
) -> Result
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Memory management


  • Controls memory mapping


  • addr_out (direction out) - The virtual address resulting from the operation. Usually the same as addr0.

  • addr0 - The virtual address to be used for the operation.

  • addr1 - The virtual address to be (un)mirrored by addr0 when using MEMOP_MAP or MEMOP_UNMAP. It has to be pointing to a RW memory.

  • Use NULL if the operation is MEMOP_FREE or MEMOP_ALLOC.

  • size - The requested size for MEMOP_ALLOC and MEMOP_ALLOC_LINEAR.

  • op - Operation flags. See MemOp.

  • perm - A combination of MEMPERM_READ and MEMPERM_WRITE. Using MEMPERM_EXECUTE will return an error. Value 0 is used when unmapping memory.

  • If a memory is mapped for two or more addresses, you have to use MEMOP_UNMAP before being able to MEMOP_FREE it.

  • MEMOP_MAP will fail if addr1 was already mapped to another address.

  • More information is available at

  • svcControlProcessMemory /