Function ctru_sys::ERRF_Throw

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn ERRF_Throw(
    error: *const ERRF_FatalErrInfo
) -> Result
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Throws a system error and possibly logs it.


  • error (direction in) - Error to throw.

ErrDisp may convert the error info to ERRF_ERRTYPE_NAND_DAMAGED or ERRF_ERRTYPE_CARD_REMOVED depending on the error code.

Except with ERRF_ERRTYPE_LOG_ONLY, the system will panic and will need to be rebooted. Fatal error information will also be logged into a file, unless the type either ERRF_ERRTYPE_NAND_DAMAGED or ERRF_ERRTYPE_CARD_REMOVED.

No error will be shown if the system is asleep.

On retail units with vanilla firmware, no detailed information will be displayed on screen.

You may wish to use ERRF_ThrowResult() or ERRF_ThrowResultWithMessage() instead of constructing the ERRF_FatalErrInfo struct yourself.